We had a little adventure the other day. Short story is we acquired some new 1 inch twisted polyprop line. The longer story is the effort we went to to get it. We were nearing the end of an overnight sail, high tailing it for the Balearics with our first guests, Johnny and Orla on board. An hour out from Cartagena the boat shuddered, the engine appeared to auto shutdown and we… Read More

About 6 weeks ago, just after the kids had gone to bed, Lara felt a sharp pain in her chest. A bit of heartburn we thought, it’ll subside… Half an hour later and Lara was struggling to breathe. Better get to hospital. Luckily we were in Oeiras marina and a decent hospital was easy to find. The wonderful marina staff drove her straight to Cascais while I stayed on the boat with… Read More

When we chose to raise our girls slightly differently, there were some that disapproved. Their silence was the most disconcerting. This made us a little sad and all the more resolved to follow through with our plan. We think the little video above epitomises why we chose to take our young girls, the very centre of our existence, and walk the other path.  We may be doing the wrong thing, or the… Read More

The weather is slowly getting warmer, the days are getting longer and that means we’re getting ready to leave Lisbon. It’s been an action packed end to winter here in Portugal, never a dull moment for this young family. We’ve had challenges a plenty and many little adventures both at sea and ashore. When we packed up our lives in Australia, we sorted our stuff into 3 piles, one to give away,… Read More

  With snow on the forecast in Les Sables d’Olonne, getting Sabella out through the Bay of Biscay and south to warmer weather suddenly jumped to number one on our lengthy to-do list. Our departure was complicated by 2 factors. Most importantly, we needed a 4 day weather window indicating that wind and waves would play nice in the Bay – Sabella informed me, sternly, that breaking waves just aren’t her thing…… Read More

I’ve never been motion sick. Ever. But that all changed dramatically during our first 12 hours at sea. I’m sure it happened just to help me find some empathy for those who suffer from sea sickness more regularly. In any case, once I hardened up it has been delightful. Here’s an attempt at a quick video of the trip so far.

  “Dad, I’m a good boat girl, aren’t I?” Oh, those words from my 4 year old legend, whilst wielding a stainless steel polishing cloth, brings tears of joy to my eyes. Our new life feels pretty sweet right now! Luella has been hard at work for the last week, because she’s now a really truly proper “boat girl”. Two blood noses and a few minor (ish) injuries later. Note… socks are… Read More

Today Sabella became ours, it was the stuff of dreams. The day began with the second of two test sails, where we flew Sabella’s gorgeous black code 0 for the first time. This is a big light air headsail, twice the size of the normal genoa. The weather was fine and the wind almost calm, but regardless she made 3 knots in 5 knots of breeze. What a clever little thing she… Read More

We made it to Fontainebleau – the land of beautiful blocs. We’ll chill here for a couple of weeks to re-group after the most hectic 3 months of our lives.   We’re staying at Gite Kailloux, a funky little 3 story place complete with ‘relaxation trampoline” on the 3rd cubby house level. Whilst advertised as kid friendly, this place is anything but (!) so obviously the girls love it. Sabine is excelling at climbing… Read More

Today we switched off our Aussie mobile phone numbers. It felt rather good; the next wondrous step in committing to a life less ordinary.   We’d been bracing ourselves for the 36 odd hours in transit for some time now. A test run over to Perth a couple of weeks ago proved that Phenergan had no sedative effect on our 2 crazy kids. Needless to say Luella and Sabine raged all the… Read More