I guess we’re committed now!

Our beautiful Blue Mountains home is the fifth (and last) house we’ve sold in under 4 years. We called it “operation simplify our lives”, which started in 2014 when we realised that our lives had suddenly become too busy and too complex in our quest for early retirement. It’s so insidious, this western world rat race thing…

We were fortunate to sell to a lovely couple who have chosen to retire to the mountains. The auction was a fairy tale, see it here. That puts our selling at auction success rate at 50% (2 out of 4 ), which is about what clearance rates are at present.

We’ve always loved the wisdom in this little story about a Mexican fisherman, who is pretty happy with his lot in life…


This simple tale has helped us make big decisions in the past, and is somewhat responsible for us suddenly becoming homeless and unemployed.


Luella saying a poignant goodbye to our mountains sanctuary.

Time for a sea change (which we expect will be interspersed with mountains).

It all feels kind of warm and fuzzy really 🙂


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