Is this irresponsible…?

(written just before Christmas 2017)

It’s a week until the next stage of our lives begins, and we’re having a “holy moly, what the f%#@ are we doing” type of day.

Can we really live on a boat together?

Can we organise effective systems to make it safe (enough) for the girls?

Will I (Aaron) be able to come to terms with the fact that the only “asset” we have is now a depreciating one?

Of course we’ve been through this stuff a million times, but it’s now that much more real, and I guess it’s just one of those days…

(thought I better just jot this down so we remembered that in the beginning it wasn’t all peaches and cream)

2 Comments on “Is this irresponsible…?

  1. Not at all! With so many road fatalities in Oz anyone who questions your choice is uninformed and not minding their own business! Loved the write up about you on the Lagoon page and can’t wait for your blogs? And maybe videos???
    You are an inspiration to anyone with an open mind and the others just arent worth worrying about. Xo

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