See ya later Australia!

Today we switched off our Aussie mobile phone numbers. It felt rather good; the next wondrous step in committing to a life less ordinary.


Qatar Airlines charged something like $50 a kg for extra baggage, so we managed to cram 29.9kg into each of those bags on the trolley.



Packing success!

We’d been bracing ourselves for the 36 odd hours in transit for some time now. A test run over to Perth a couple of weeks ago proved that Phenergan had no sedative effect on our 2 crazy kids. Needless to say Luella and Sabine raged all the way to Charles de Gaule.


Mid-way through the flight, you can almost hear the silent duff duff playing in their heads…the passengers sitting next to us were oh so very impressed.

We arrived in France somewhat shellshocked but still vaguely coherent, and so promptly jumped in our hire car to head 50 mins south for a couple of weeks in Fontainebleau in search of the elusive sleep!!!!

One thing is certain, we have absolutely no intention of repeating the trip any time soon. I guess that means an Atlantic passage is the only way out…


2 Comments on “See ya later Australia!

  1. So good to see you all so happy! What a journey it’s been so far and it’s hardly even started! Kids look like they are having fun, so do you both. Are you practicing your French? Au revoir, a bientôt, je vous aime xxxxx


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