We made it to Font!

We made it to Fontainebleau – the land of beautiful blocs. We’ll chill here for a couple of weeks to re-group after the most hectic 3 months of our lives.


We’re staying at Gite Kailloux, a funky little 3 story place complete with ‘relaxation trampoline” on the 3rd cubby house level. Whilst advertised as kid friendly, this place is anything but (!) so obviously the girls love it. Sabine is excelling at climbing the ladders to the 3rd story, all by herself, without mummy or daddy even watching (sorry Nonni, she’s a climber at heart :))



It’s been a rough couple months for this 3 year old legend, we need to learn to cut her some slack when she sometimes acts her age.



“Safety first” when you’re on the relaxation net!



“Every home should have a relaxation net” (says Sabine in her 1 year old brain)

It’s averaging 8 degrees with rain outside, hopefully it clears up and we get to sample the superb bouldering soon. Regardless, our little family tends to love this gloomy kind of weather, so all is good.


An ancient type of prayer ritual to appease the sunshine gods – (yes Aaron is wearing shorts, you will come to get used this. I guess if we had legs like him we would insist on shorts permanently too)

This place is just wonderful; the quantity, quality and unique style of the boulders is phenomenal.


Til next time, lotsa love from the soon-to-be crew of sailing vessel Sabella.



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