She’s officially ours!


Today Sabella became ours, it was the stuff of dreams. The day began with the second of two test sails, where we flew Sabella’s gorgeous black code 0 for the first time. This is a big light air headsail, twice the size of the normal genoa. The weather was fine and the wind almost calm, but regardless she made 3 knots in 5 knots of breeze. What a clever little thing she is!


Happiness is…new boat smell!



Sabella’s code zero in all her glory. We shall name her…..Codey 🙂

John Cowpe, managing director of The Multihull Group had kindly come over from Sydney to do the hand-over. We cannot express the amount of gratitude we feel towards this gentleman, and his company, which has taken a complex and potentially traumatic process and turned it into something of deep joy for our family.


A true gentleman (the bloke on the left I mean)

We christened Sabella this afternoon whilst tied up to the famous Vendee Globe dock.

Luella, crazy Luella, proved that it is in fact possible to knock a camera tripod over whilst standing several meters away from it. Only she could accomplish this (although we hold high hopes that Sabine may turn out to be just as cheeky!). Don’t be concerned by the lack of editing, that’s just how we roll (we’ll learn how to edit once things settle down).



Cheeky child number 2

Tomorrow is moving day. This will be our 14th move in the last 14 years and we plan for it to be our last for quite some time 🙂

One Comment on “She’s officially ours!

  1. Congratulations I look forward to following your journey safe sailing and enjoy…….who would have thought this when you were at Aerospace (now Airbus) Lara…


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