Southbound to Lisbon

I’ve never been motion sick. Ever. But that all changed dramatically during our first 12 hours at sea. I’m sure it happened just to help me find some empathy for those who suffer from sea sickness more regularly.

In any case, once I hardened up it has been delightful. Here’s an attempt at a quick video of the trip so far.

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  1. Ian jones says:

    Wow, Aaron! Loved the video clip!This is brilliant to hear this fantastic journey developing …… all unchartered territory and absolutely inspiring! We find ourselves waiting eagerly for the next instalments!
    A top further night at sea !


  2. Again Congratulations! You and your family are officially on your way. We will definitely be following your adventure. Are you running a second device (iPad, tablet etc.) with a second set of charts while underway? I’m curious where to place an iPad mount near the helm so that we will have a second source of navigational data while underway. Looks great so far!

    Jim and Linda Woodall
    s/v Ocean Song
    Lagoon 42 Hull #279
    (ex-factory in June 2018)


  3. Kye says:

    Sea sickness can be difficult because you can’t escape the environment. I found first day out on Grey funnel Cruises the hardest, always feeling a bit off. Staying hydrated and have a solid nights sleep helps. Day 2 will be much better.

    There is something magical about the vastness of the open ocean. It is both peaceful and unforgiving. The view will never get old.

    Fair winds and following seas.


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