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Monthly Archives: April 2018

When we chose to raise our girls slightly differently, there were some that disapproved. Their silence was the most disconcerting. This made us a little sad and all the more resolved to follow through with our plan. We think the little video above epitomises why we chose to take our young girls, the very centre of our existence, and walk the other path.  We may be doing the wrong thing, or the… Read More

With a finite amount of time on this planet, we’ve made a conscious choice to venture into the unknown because this is where we feel most alive. Embarking on an open-ended odyssey on a sailboat, we aim to combine our passion for rock climbing and adventure travel whilst embracing an alternative way of raising our 2 young girls.    

The weather is slowly getting warmer, the days are getting longer and that means we’re getting ready to leave Lisbon. It’s been an action packed end to winter here in Portugal, never a dull moment for this young family. We’ve had challenges a plenty and many little adventures both at sea and ashore. When we packed up our lives in Australia, we sorted our stuff into 3 piles, one to give away,… Read More