When we chose to raise our girls slightly differently, there were some that disapproved. Their silence was the most disconcerting. This made us a little sad and all the more resolved to follow through with our plan.

We think the little video above epitomises why we chose to take our young girls, the very centre of our existence, and walk the other path.  We may be doing the wrong thing, or the right thing. Who knows. The most important thing for us is that it was a conscious and courageous choice to raise our girls differently so that they may understand that they can achieve anything they are passionate about. It’s been hard thus far, but now we’re starting to reap the rewards. Today we had a biology lesson about a dolphin’s blowhole, up close and personal.

Dolphin spotting through the escape hatch. Kinda like going to day care while Dad is deployed…except not.

Meanwhile, Sabine was hard at work studying the Lagoon manual. It’s tough work for an 19 month old scallywag 😉


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tim Harris says:

    Wonderful video, great to see you guys are on your way


  2. Pamela smith says:

    You are doing what you think is best, that’s all any parents can do. Your girls will experience things that many will never see or feel because of it..
    life lived to the full, what better education than that.
    Keep us posted, love to Lara xx


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