A mini adventure

We had a little adventure the other day.

Short story is we acquired some new 1 inch twisted polyprop line. The longer story is the effort we went to to get it.

We were nearing the end of an overnight sail, high tailing it for the Balearics with our first guests, Johnny and Orla on board. An hour out from Cartagena the boat shuddered, the engine appeared to auto shutdown and we came to a complete stop. As in, something had anchored us in a geostationary position.

Johnny, asleep below, pranced happily up on deck believing that we’d pulled up for a quick dip before arriving in port. His perception of reality was a nice long swimming safety line, extending from the boat and confirming the plan for a splash. It took Lara and I a moment to realise that whilst we were thinking about whether that solid, anchored line had ripped out our saildrives and we were taking on water, Johnny was innocently thinking about which hull to backflip into the water from. Sound familiar, friends?

Turns out we had hit a partially submerged 1 inch polyprop line, which had wrapped itself around both rudders and the starboard sail drive leg. Snorkels on, knife out and by unravelling the braids on the line we managed to free it. Check out the video above. We grabbed about 15m of the stuff as a souvenir 😉

How does that sort of thing, anchored to the seabed end up in, and remain in, the water 6 miles out from a major shipping port like Cartagena?

Victory leaps to celebrate our manly efforts…

It’s a testament to the solidarity of Lagoons that Sabella seemingly shrugged it off and eagerly continued on her merry way. And hats of to Yanmar for including some sort of auto shut down feature to protect an overloaded engine.

Glad that’s over and done with.

Onwards to #formentera

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